Monday, 5 December 2011


assalamualaikum...owww...ariny da ari ke 7 baby bley la umumkn nme baby...
so,,mak sdare die yg sorg ny pn nk umumkn la nme pnggilan nye...hehehe
MAMAsu....??? ok x...hehehe
pe2 la baby kn..jnji baby bley pnggil...bak kte mama sye jgn pgl iera sudah...huhuhu
no manners...rite..ok la...lain kali kte sambung..daaa...mmmuahhhh!!!!

Friday, 2 December 2011

baby baby baby~~~~

ny gmba bby lak..comey mak sdare die...hikhikhik
baby dgn tok ma hopital

baby with umi & abi die...

sye & baby...comel kan...asik tido je die..

baby yg comel dan tembam!!! winkk
model baru YAKULT ny..

kilang YAKULT

ida & odah

zyra & imah

mirah & yanie

asya & nana

happy je :)

assalamualaikum...lame da tak coret2 kat sini yek...hehehe
banyak ny nak citer..sekarang ak da cuti, dok rumah jela...agk bosan la jgk kn...
tp sblm cuti ari tu ak ade g kilang yakult bersama kawan2...bes la jgk..sbb salahuddin pn pegi :) :)
lps tu ak kua dgn kawan2 ak lak...lg la best kn..lame da xkua same2..mkn same2...bes la..i luv u ouls!!!
~yanie~aiza~asya~nana~ida~odah~imah~zyra~mirah~  n yana yg xdtg..(xdpt jupe ko)
yg plg best skali...291111 ank sadare ak dilahirkan!!!! dpt la bby boy my sis..tahniah kaklong n abg din...
psny ak kne jd bby siter la...xley nk garang2 la..nti ank sdare ak xnk lak kt ak..hehehe
ny yg srabot xtau nk sruh ank sdare ak pggl ak ape...agk memeningkn kpale ku...ishh3

Friday, 28 October 2011


finally....dpt jgk keluar mkn sama2...hehehehe happy je rase...lame da xkumpul dgn kwn2 cmny...asik mkn kt rumah je...(org rumah dkt kn..huhu)

location : tangki restaurant
participant : ~mirah, yanie, asya, zyra, aiza, ida, nana, imah, yana, odah~

p/ to 2 person also!!

thanks for coming to night..

LUV U ALL........saranghae

see u next session.....

Thursday, 20 October 2011


~uR sTyLe~
thanks being my English lecturer....from this class, day by day, week by week, month by month....I feel really like to talk in English....even though I don't know the grammar......THANK YOU SIR!!!!
other than that sir always give me laugh in the class, not boring....
I hope that I will improve my English skill in the future....!!!!!


what I am doing now???
yes....actually blog is the last assessment and need to submit by tomorrow!!! 21/10/11
I had write anything in this feeling, improvement, weaknesses....even though my English was very I feel like to write blog with English language....


members of group are 4...always the, yanie, nik, nurul....
topic of this group discussion is spontaneous...
because I submit this blog in Saturday (22/10/11) I have time to talk more about it....hehehehe
ok..the topic is 'ways to improve English language proficiency for college student'!!!!
sir give us 2 minutes to discuss the point then delivery the point in about 10 minutes....
I think our group do very well...even though we are the first group... (feel like to do it again!!)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


spontaneous speech!!!
waiting sir Juju pick up anyone to be the presenter make me feel fluttering...
my name was pick up in the 2nd class for this speech...I feel very nervous standing in front of the class while waiting for sir Juju give the topic...then my topic is about 'my roommate'!!!!!
I just say it about YANIE...she is my roommate start from semester 1 until semester 4.....
standing in front of the class without know what would to be present make me speechless...
my point is very simple...and my English is very broken!!!


 this speech needs 5 members which are me, Yanie, Nurul, Nik, and Shida....
free topic that we choose is DRUG!!!
nurul as a moderator, yanie as a Director of AADK, I as a Minister of Health, nik as a Ustazah, shida as a ex-drug addict.....
we discuss about what is drug...types of drug...effect to the individual, family, society....experience from ex-drug addict...
this speech I feel confident to talk to audience because not tied with note and do preparation very well...I also feel relaxed while I'm sitting in front of the class....
but our group take more time that the time was given...22minutes!!! but it should be more than 15minutes less than 20minutes....
our members


continue with the 2nd speech!!!
this speech only needs 2 partner is Eyanie...
actually we need to create one product difference in the market now!!
then persuade customer to buy our product...give the details, functions, strengths or weaknesses of our product...
this speech I feel more confident but still not speak smoothly because tied with a note that has been eye contact and movement is improve because needs to interact with customer!!
This is one of our product that we to sell to customer.....
pot pouri & candle

Sunday, 16 October 2011


This is the first assessment that I do...should be present about 'myself' through movie maker and be held in the first week of Ramadhan before this...the interesting for this assessment is I be the first presenter!!!
Being the first one is very speech and movie maker is very simple....and my eye contact with audience is very low...
Overall of this assessment are I'm not confident at all, too nervous, and not fully prepare...


Have six assessments for subject ENG 276 which are an Informative Speech, Persuasive Speech, Group Discussion, Forum, Special Occasion and the last assessment is to create this blog!!!